Atlanta, Georgia, United States; The quarter-back of the Falcons of Atlanta Desmond Ridder (4) works

On the field during OTA at the Falcons training complex. Obligatory The NFL's off -season has reached 

The MINICAMPS point of compulsory for the 32 teams. Fourteen teams will start their annual mini-camps this week,

While others have already taken place. Post-reficing scenarios are creeping throughout these off-season practices.

Whether it is a positional battle in NFC South or a contractual dispute in AFC North, the topical dilemmas

Always govern as master while the teams are starting to establish their identity for the coming year.

Here are some titles to monitor for this week's mini-camps as the 2022 NFL season approaches.

Minicamp compulsory: June 14-16

The cardinals enter a mini-camp with a quarter-surrounding quarter Kyler Murray.

He expressed his word on an extension of a contract and presented his frustration by not participating in the OTA,

Although he denounces compulsory training sessions. He will seek this new agreement

And will be based on his best note of 86.7 in career from 2021.

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