A Paterson man cashed $17K in Social Security checks for his dead mother, according to a Hudson prosecutor

A Paterson man collected $17,000 in Social Security benefits intended for his mother without telling 

The federal agency she had died, Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez said.

In a joint effort with the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office and the Office of the Inspector 

General at the Social Security Administration, Wayne Sessons, 52, was arrested on Friday.

On a complaint-summons, he has been charged with third-degree theft by deception. 

On Aug. 2, Seses will make his first court appearance after being processed and released.

Sessons deceived the United States Social Security Administration by not reporting 

The death of his mother, a Hudson County resident who passed away in May 2020, 

According to the Inspector General investigation.

The proceeds of her retirement insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits

Approximately $17,000 - were then spent on Sessons' own enjoyment.

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