Super Bowls past have demonstrated the impact a dominant defensive front can have on the NFL's biggest stage.

Aaron Donald, Von Miller, and the rest of the Los Angeles Rams' pass-rush unit pressured Joe Burrow on 18 of his 42

Dropbacks (43%) and sacked him seven times in Super Bowl LVI. One year earlier,

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers repeatedly swarmed Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LV, pressing him on 31 of his 56 dropbacks (55%).

The success of their team was largely due to those two groups. Although both defensive fronts of the Rams 

And Buccaneers have changed since those performances, they still appear to be elite units entering the 2022 season.

Aaron Donald is one of the most reliably elite performers in the NFL, so his presence on the roster doesn't matter

As much as it would if the Rams had more depth, particularly on the edge. While Donald's brilliance is well known,

His durability is a neglected aspect of his game. Over 1,200 defensive snaps have been played by him in the regular season 

And postseason of the 2021 season, and his 6,995 regular-season snaps since 2014 are more than any other interior defensive lineman in the NFL.

Leonard Floyd, A'Shawn Robinson, Greg Gaines, and Justin Hollins will be able to benefit from Donald's superb play

On nearly every defensive snap in 2022, along with Leonard Floyd, A'Shawn Robinson, Greg Gaines and Justin Hollins.

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