Update on the 4th stimulus check for 2022 - The $1,000 summer direct payment is due this week

find out when it will be released In response to rising inflation records, states have sent relief checks.

For residents without tax returns, New Mexico is offering direct payments of up to $1,000.

According to New Mexico's Tax and Revenue Department, single households will receive $500 

And couples will receive $1,000. Residents have already received around $20 million in relief.

Checks will continue to be mailed or deposited via direct deposit until July 31.

Instead of receiving a relief check, state taxpayers will receive a tax rebate.

Taxpayers with an income under $150,000 will receive a $500 rebate, while those with an income under $75,000 will receive a $250 rebate.

Virginia lawmakers are split on whether to pause the state's $0.26 gas tax.

Virginia may be next to get gas tax relief

Fox5 reports that Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin wants to pause the program for three months,

While Democrats propose sending $50 checks to help drivers. Eileen Filler-Corn, the house Democratic leader, said: 

Virginians are hurting, and we need a plan that's going to help Virginians, and most of the governor's plan

Would help out-of-state drivers and oil companies, so we're working out our plan to make sure that we can

Take action and get money to Virginians. Republicans in the state think the amount is "just a drop in the bucket."

A two-year budget for Virginia's General Assembly was approved on June 1.

The grocery tax has also been axed in Virginia

A 1.5 percent grocery tax will be eliminated, but a 1 percent local levy will remain, according to NBC News.

Residents of Virginia are eligible for a tax rebate approved by the General Assembly.

Up to $500 in rebates are approved by Virginia

A $250 rebate will be given to individuals, while a $500 rebate will be given to couples who file jointly.

Residents of Virginia who filed their taxes before July 1, 2022 should receive their tax rebate in September or October.

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