There will not be a fourth stimulus check for Social Security recipients

With inflation at an all-time high in America, seniors and others on a fixed income have been particularly 

hard hit by rising grocery, utility and fuel prices. There has been some hope that 

A recent proposal to Congress for $1,400 stimulus checks for those receiving Social Security payments 

Might pass through to the President's desk during these tough economic times. 

There has, however, been no action taken by Congress to introduce legislation. ick Delaney, 

Chairman of The Senior Citizens League (the largest national nonpartisan agency for seniors),

First addressed Congress about the idea in October 2021. According to Delaney's letter to House 

And Senate representatives, as previously reported by GOBankingRates, he stated,

We believe a special stimulus could help defray the higher costs some would face after next year's 

[cost-of-living adjustment] bumps them into a higher tax bracket, resulting in higher tax rates 

And surcharges on Medicare Part B premiums. nquiring about the status of the fourth round of 

The Economic Impact Statements, Website VERIFY contacted the Internal Revenue Service, 

The department that issues checks. Currently, there are no further stimulus payments authorized by law, 

According to a spokesperson. With funds likely depleted for many by now since the last stimulus check

in March 2021, the latest update isn't exactly welcome news, even after Social Security benefits 

Were increased by 5.9% in January to account for higher living costs. A significant portion of retired and 

Disabled citizens (though not all) rely on these payments to pay their monthly living expenses.

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