The government is preparing to distribute $1,500 relief checks to millions of Americans this summer.

Approximately $1 billion is being spent on relief programs for 

cash-strapped taxpayers, including direct payments.

According to Colorado Governor Jared Polis, residents who filed 

their taxes by June 30 will begin receiving their refunds in late August.

The amount for individual taxpayers will be $750, while the amount for joint filers will be $1,500.

Should they file an extension by October 17, eligible Coloradans who missed 

the June 30 deadline will receive their checks in January 2023.

The amount Baker wanted to send out in the first place is about $250 for someone earning $75,000. 

Residents of Oregon receive $600 in payments

The state of Oregon should have paid $600 to thousands of residents.

Approximately 236,000 people were eligible for the one-time check, according to state officials.

Payments were sent out in June, and checks were mailed or deposited electronically.

A majority of payments were deposited directly into bank accounts, according to officials.

There will be a property tax rebate credit for New Yorkers

A property tax rebate credit is being offered to about 2.5 million New Yorkers in 2022.

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