The deadline for applying for the $750 summer payment is just a few days away - see the exact date

There is still time for Americans to claim up to $750 in payments.

Governor Walz of Minnesota signed a $500million direct payment agreement on April 30.

Bonus payments worth $750 were estimated to be given to eligible frontline workers.

Prior to the agreement, Minnesota estimated that 667,000 workers would qualify for the payments - giving each eligible worker $750.

Payment size can change

Governor Tim Walz warned, however, that they could fall to $500 or less as more than 900,000 applications have been filed.

But he is still encouraging working Minnesotans to apply.

I'm here to try to get as many people as possible with the understanding that it will lower the payment for individuals, but these families need it, Mr Walz said.

Payments in other states

"It is a thank you," he added.''

To offset inflation, various states across the country are offering tax rebates to Americans.

There have been 1.5 million rebates sent to 2 million residents of Indiana.

An estimated 4.3 million Hoosiers will receive payments, or 85% of the state's adult population.

Payments will continue to be made through the summer, worth $125 per individual and $250 per couple.

Refund checks will be mailed to Colorado residents by the end of August if they filed their taxes by June 30.

You will receive your money in January if you file after then.

For individuals, they are worth $750, and for joint filers, they are worth $1,500.

Governor Jared Polis estimates that 3.1 million residents are waiting to receive money.

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