Direct payments worth $9,600 over 24 months are available to Americans who take action

During a two-year period, a NEW program will provide monthly financial assistance amounting to $9,600.

The initiative is being implemented by the city of Coachella in California and will provide direct 

payments to 140 qualifying families. These payments, however, are only available to 

low-income immigrant families who were not eligible for Covid-19 and the expanded Child Tax Credit.

Immigrant Families Recovery Program is scheduled to launch in October.

The American Rescue Act (ARPA) will provide funding for the project.

Approximately $1 million will be available as part of the plan, which will be overseen by Mission Asset Fund (MAF) in California.

MAF plans to send invitations to apply to the program to eligible families who previously received Immigrant Families Grants.

Priority will be given to immigrants with young children who have been excluded from federal relief.

According to the non-profit organization, eligible applicants will receive an email with instructions on

how to complete an application through MAF's application portal. 30 days will be allowed for invited parties to attend.

Those selected will receive $400 in monthly cash assistance for up to 24 months, and the money can be spent however the family sees fit.

They are free to use the money however they want - there are no strings attached.

Aside from providing financial services and resources, MAF claims this is the nation's

first guaranteed income program for immigrant families. An immigrant family of 

four lost out on $11,400 in federal payments during the pandemic, according to the group.

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