You can apply for direct payments worth $500 if you're eligible - see the exact date

There is a NEW program in New York that will distribute $6,000 to selected individuals over the course of a year.

This week, the Mount Vernon Mayors for Guaranteed Income Pilot Program launches as the "Level Up" program.

On Wednesday, July 20, Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard will officially launch the program and open applications.

200 randomly selected, qualified residents will receive $500 a month for 12 months, with no restrictions on how they can spend it.

A financial safety net may already exist for those selected, but the program is designed to supplement it.

Pre-loaded debit cards will be used to pay participants, so a bank account isn't required.

There will be a deadline of August 5 for submitting the application.

People receiving public benefits may be affected by participation in this program, but it's unclear which ones.

Level Up is not just another financial program aimed at helping residents; it is also an independent research study.

The research study

We aim to determine how the project impacts participants' economic stability and their overall health and well-being.

In order to gather data, applicants will be asked a series of questions.

There are some questions on the site that are "sensitive and may be difficult to answer."

It will not affect someone's chances of receiving $500 each month based on their answers.

Additionally, there will be 275 individuals who won't receive the monthly payments, 

But will receive a $30 gift card for responding to surveys to track their overall health.

We will compare these surveys with those of those who received payments.

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