A new tax credit worth $1,000 is available to thousands of Americans - here's how to apply

In order to claim a $1,000 tax credit, thousands of Americans will need to take action.

Governor Gavin Newson signed into law a state budget that includes money to increase tax credits by more than $100 million.

There is also a $1,000 newly established one included in the package.

Foster youth between the ages of 18 and 25 will be targeted in this program.

You must file a tax return to claim the credits. To claim them on your taxes, you'll have to wait until next year.

How to claim

The deadline for filing taxes penalty-free is usually in the middle of April. It was April 18 this year, for example.

Here's how you can potentially file for free

The high fees discourage many low-income residents from filing.

Tax preparers can charge more than $300 for their services - which could eat up a large chunk of their refund.

There are also low-income residents who don't file because they don't make enough money to be required to.

The California Policy Lab found that about 440,000 households eligible for CalFresh did not receive the earned income tax credit. 

Nearly half of the eligible families received the credit. 

However, CalEITC4Me offers a tool that connects workers with free tax preparation services in their area.

In addition, it helps people determine if they qualify for the program.

Los Angeles Times reporter Sabrina De Santiago told the newspaper that Golden State Opportunity, 

Which runs the tool, is trying to make filing taxes as simple as possible.

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