The exact date on which Americans will receive up to $1,000 summer relief checks from the $18million pot this WEEK - are you eligible?

As inflation has wrecked Americans' finances, tens of thousands of New Mexico residents are receiving relief checks.

Direct payments of up to $1,000 are available to residents without state income tax filings.

Checks started going out in mid-July, and the state expects to complete the payments by July 31.

There are approximately 33,000 New Mexicans eligible for the check, which totals about $18 million.

New Mexico's Tax and Revenue Department says single households without 

Dependents will receive $500, and married couples will receive $1,000.

You can receive your payment by direct deposit or by check if you are eligible.

Direct deposits, however, will go out sooner, so it's worth updating your bank account information.

In order to provide checks to non-tax filers, around $20 million has been set aside.

A first-come, first-served basis will apply to the distribution of funds.

The deadline for residents to apply for the payment was originally May 31, 2022.

As $1.9million worth of funds remained in the program, the deadline was extended to June 10.

Non-filers still have the option of filing a New Mexico tax return instead of getting a relief check if they missed the deadline.

Tax rebates are available to New Mexico residents who have filed or will file their 2021 income taxes by May 31, 2023.

What about taxpayers in the state?

Families filing joint returns, heads of household, and surviving spouses with incomes under $150,000 may qualify for a $500 rebate.

Individuals with income under $75,000, including single filers and married couples filing separately, are eligible for $250.

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