It was announced this week that Indiana taxpayers

would receive cash, but smaller payments than previously expected.

US News reported that Indiana lawmakers are tentatively agreeing to rebate $200 to 

taxpayers from some of the state's $6.1 billion surplus.

Act reflecting the 2021 tax year have expired, it may be useful.

This compromise proposal was reached after Governor Eric 

Holcomb pitched rebates of $225 earlier in the summer.

As a result of lawmakers' decision to reduce the payment amount, 

more Hoosiers are expected to receive cash.It will still be more 

than $1 billion returned to our citizens, said state representative Tim Brown.

Also included in the spending package is an additional $1 billion for teacher pensions.

More than 4 million taxpayers would receive money under 

the payment proposal, even if the final details have not yet been approved.

The state plans to refund everyone who filed a tax return in 2020 or 2021, 

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