New plans could lower energy bills by up to 50% for millions of Americans - do you qualify?

Thousands of Americans are set to see their energy bills drop.

The average electric bill in 2020 was $117.36, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

Gas bills average $667 per year, or $55 per month, according to the American Gas Association.

As a result of a multitude of big changes, such as the supply not meeting demand, 

Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and price gouging, things have gotten worse since then.

In response, President Joe Biden's administration announced six steps it will take.

President Biden is implementing new programs to help maintain a consistent and 

Affordable energy supply to cool Americans' homes in the face of extreme heat, said the White House.

According to the White House, 4.5 million families will benefit from the biggest change, which will reduce solar energy bills by an average of 10% a year.

In particular, the White House said it would help families in HUD-assisted rental housing subscribe to community solar.

Locations may have different eligibility guidelines.

Who is eligible?

Under Washington DC's Solar for All program, a household of four must earn less than $113,850.

$79,500 is the threshold for a one-person household. Washington DC's program, for example, could save up to 50% each year, according to the White House.

People in other parts of the country would need to sign up for their local HUD-funded rental housing program.

There is guidance from the HUD on how to find a program near you.

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