A $9 million pot will provide Americans with up to $1,000 in monthly direct payments - do you qualify?

As part of a new relief program that will be implemented this year, hundreds of Americans in need will receive cash assistance.

After a successful pilot program, Denver, Colorado plans to expand its universal basic income program.

In July, the Denver Basic Income Project sent cash to 28 Denver residents, as well as 11 individuals in 2021.

With three different payment schemes, the program will now provide assistance to more than 800 people.

The city will give $6,500 upfront to 260 individuals, followed by $500 monthly payments for 11 months.

260 people will get $1,000 per month for a year as part of the second group.

The last 300 will receive $50 per month for a year.

So far, more than $7 million has been raised for the project.

According to Westword, the organization needs an additional $2 million to assist the first round of participants.

Who is eligible?

People who are experiencing housing insecurity are the main focus of this phase of the Denver Basic Income Project.

A randomized selection process will determine participants for the program.

You must be at least 18 years of age and without stable housing to be eligible.

This is defined by Denver as being without a "fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence."

1. Living in cars, parks public spaces, camping grounds, or hotels and motels

That includes:

3. Living in emergency or transitional shelters

2. Sharing housing because of economic hardship

4. Those whose nighttime residence is not designed for “regular sleeping accommodations”

Furthermore, you must not have "severe or unaddressed mental health or substance use needs," according to the city.

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