Rebate checks to be issued to thousands of Americans as $3.4 million went uncashed in 2019 - can you get one?

South Carolina taxpayers are set to receive another one-time rebate after $3.4million checks went uncashed in 2019.

Since the amount each resident will receive is still unclear, the decision will be finalized October 17, when all tax returns must be filed.

In 2019, the South Carolina Department of Revenue issued rebates to the state and the distribution process was much less efficient.

In that year, the state sent $50 checks to taxpayers from $61million in tax dollars from a Mega Millions winner.

Department of Revenue figures indicate that 68,000 of the $50 rebates went uncashed, resulting in a $3.4 million loss.

Additionally, the State reported that the department spent about $700,000 on postage.

According to the Department of Revenue, over 28,000 checks were returned as undeliverable.

Due to the mistake made in 2019, taxpayers will receive rebates via direct deposit only if the agency has their direct deposit information.

This year's payments

As Ashley Thomas, a spokesperson for the Department of Revenue, told The State, "I hope this will encourage people

This comes out to about eight in 10 filers.

Who don't already choose direct deposit to do so since it's a safer, faster method for receiving refunds."

It is still being determined what the payment amount will be and how much the rebate distribution will cost.

It also depends on two factors: how many people choose direct deposit

Over paper checks for tax refunds and how much staff time is required.

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