As inflation has wrecked Americans' finances, tens of thousands of New Mexico residents are receiving relief checks.

Direct payments of up to $1,000 are reserved for residents who don't file state income tax returns.

As of mid-July, the state has begun sending out checks, and it expects to finish by July 31.

New Mexicans are eligible for $18million worth of relief payments, totaling around 33,000 checks.

Those without dependents will receive $500, and married couples will receive $1,000, according to the New Mexico Tax and Revenue Department.

Direct deposit or a check may be used by those eligible for the program.

The revenue department, however, said direct deposit payments would be made sooner.

The residents could have previously sped up their payments by updating their bank account information.

An estimated $20million will be provided to non-filers in the form of checks.

The funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

The application deadline for residents originally was May 31, 2022.

A deadline extension was then added to June 10 since $1.9 million was still available in the program.

Those who missed the deadline can still file a New Mexico tax return to receive a rebate rather than a relief check.

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