August 2022 Social Security Check Payment Dates

Many Social Security recipients assume all payments are made on 

The same day, such as the first of the month. Your date of birth determines 

When you receive your check, however. If you were born between January 1st and October 10th, 

Your Social Security check will be paid every second Wednesday in 2022.

Social Security benefits are paid every third Wednesday to those born between 

The 11th and the 20th of any month.  Last but not least, those born between

The 21st and the end of the month will receive their Social Security checks on

the fourth Wednesday of every month. The same applies whether the last day of the month falls 

on the 28th of February, the 30th of April, June, September, or November, or the 31st of any other month.

There are, however, exceptions to every rule. Listed above are the payment dates that don't apply in the following situations:

Exceptions to the Calendar Rule

2. SSI and Social Security payments are being received by you

1. Before May 1997, you filed for benefits

4. You live in a foreign country

3. Medicare premiums are paid by the state

You will receive payments on the third of each month in each of these cases.

There are some Social Security beneficiaries who receive SSI benefits but not Social Security payments. 

Your monthly payment is scheduled for the first of each month if this is the case.

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