Inflation relief checks are still being sent by Biden to families

At first glance, it may not seem obvious, but President Joe Biden is still 

Putting cash in people's pockets during times of high inflation.

Democrats enacted the $1.9 trillion stimulus law in March 2021 without Republican support, 

Setting the stage for another round of state relief payments. With Congress gridlocked over 

how to deal with the worst inflation in four decades, at least 18 states have taken that step this year.

In order to prevent layoffs or large cuts in public services, the law set aside $350 billion 

in aid for state and local governments. There were few strings attached to the money to

guarantee flexibility, and it was essentially a blank check for states and municipalities. 

However, those fears of job losses and budget wrecks never materialized, 

so states spent less than expected. According to a spring report by the National Association 

of State Budget Officers, nearly all states reported a much higher tax revenue than expected.

As Ben Gitis, associate director of the economic program at the Bipartisan Policy Center, 

told Insider, states are "sitting on a bunch of extra cash." States are using booming 

budgets to help middle- and low-income families plug big holes in their finances.

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