DC DC's DC de Johnson's "Black Adam" DC's comic book's film "The Rock" says everything

it is not a superhero, but everything is not black and white. Johnson plays Black Adam Aka Teth-Adam

an extraterrestrial who was imprisoned on the planet Kahndaq for 5,000 years. Black Adam shares his powers with 

a former sorcerer and visits land to compete with the justice Society of America. The film will be presented on October 21.

Noah Centineo is Atom Smasher, a member of the Justice Society who can manipulate his size and strength.

Aldis Hodge plays the head of the Hawkman justice society, a reincarnation of an Egyptian prince who flies using metal wings.

Quintessa Swindell is Cyclone and Pierce Brosnan is Kent Nelson alias Doctor Fate, who encourages

Black Adam to use his powers for good rather than destruction. The star of "Sex / Life" Sarah Shahi completes

the overall cast as a resistance fighter from the native world of Black Adam from Kahndaq.

"Black Adam" is produced by Johnson's "Jungle Cruise" collaborator, Jaume Collet-Serra.

Warner Bros.'s trailer for the film by Warner Bros. made his debut at 2022 Cinemacon presenting an audience in

the world of "Black Adam". The release date of "Black Adam" has already been postponed until October 21

with his compatriots DC Tentpoles "Aquaman 2" and "The Flash".

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