The polls closed in the first handful of states in the primary battles of June 7, which cover a diversified group of states.

Voters present themselves in the polls in California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota.

Most competitions for the congress and the governor will not be close, but many will shape the 2022 landscape.

In particular, many will look at the race for the mayor of Los Angeles, where a runoff is likely if no candidate obtains at least 50 %.

Unlike previous primaries in Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, the shadow of former President Donald Trump is not particularly large.

One of the 10 Republicans of the Chamber who voted to indict him last year - David Valadao de California 

Does not even have a challenge of an opponent approved by Trump.

Voters from San Francisco recall the district prosecutor on the increase in crime rates

A growing problem cost the San Francisco district prosecutor, Chesa Boudin, his job as residents, crushed to recall it.

Boudin won the elections in 2019 by promising a reform of criminal justice. Critics have said that its policies, 

including efforts to end mass incarceration and pursue police misconduct, have contributed to an increase in criminal behavior.

The London Mayor race of San Francisco will now appoint a new DA, with an upcoming special election.

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