At full retirement age, you can claim Social Security benefits

You have a choice when it comes to signing up for Social Security. At full retirement age (FRA), 

Which is when you get your full monthly benefit based on your wage history, or earlier or later, you can take benefits.

Delaying your Social Security filing beyond FRA will result in permanent increases in your benefits.

However, if you sign up before FRA, your benefits will be permanently reduced.

Depending on how early you sign up, the reduction will be greater or lesser. If you file for Social Security 

At age 62, you will face a 25% to 30% reduction in benefits, depending on your exact FRA.

As you approach retirement age, you'll see a smaller reduction, roughly 6.67% to 13.34%, depending on your FRA

If you lose your job in your early or mid-60s and need the income, you may have no choice

What's the right call?

But to apply for Social Security early. It might be worth waiting until FRA arrives to sign up for benefits 

if these scenarios apply to you (or if you think they'll apply if you live a long life).

By doing so, you could avoid not just a reduction, but a world of financial stress as well.

Most retirees completely overlook the $18,984 Social Security bonus

The majority of Americans are a few years (or more) behind on their retirement savings. 

You can boost your retirement income with a few little-known "Social Security secrets."

One simple trick could pay you $18,984 more annually! By learning how to maximize

Your Social Security benefits, we think you can retire confidently with the peace of mind we all desire.

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