Eligibility and limits for child care payments in 2023

ver 200,000 Pennsylvania families will benefit from this program

With Pennsylvania's new state child tax credit scheme, working families in the US state

Will have access to high-quality early childhood education. In his budget, Governor 

Wolf secured 25 million dollars for the Child and Dependent Care Enhancement Program, 

Which will benefit nearly 221,000 Pennsylvania families. Governor Wolf emphasized that parents

Should not have to worry about the cost of an educational, safe, supportive, and

Fun environment for their children while they work each day. Having cost as a barrier stifles 

Our workforce's success and stifles the success of Pennsylvanians as a whole. 

This state-level child care tax credit supports our hardworking families, our workforce, our children, and our combined success in this commonwealth.

Eligibility and amount limits for the Child and Dependent Care Enhancement Program

Families that make more than the aforementioned amount 

will receive 180 dollars for one child and 360 dollars for two or more children.

Now more than ever, Pennsylvania families deserve our help. Rep. Carol Hill-Evans said,

With the cost-of-living at an all-time high and the extraordinary surplus in our Rainy Day Fund, now is the time to invest in our families.

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