In these states, who is eligible to receive direct child support payments?

More than a dozen states are set to offer tax credits totaling 

1000 dollars per child per year to low-income families

The American Rescue Plan was signed by President Biden in March last year. 

For tax year 2021, the American government increased the child tax credit 

to 3,000 dollars per qualifying child between the ages of six and 17 and 

3,600 dollars per qualifying child under the age of six. etween July and 

And states that offer universal basic income (UBI). If you don't meet the income 

December last year, half of this amount was paid out in monthly installments of 

up to 300 dollars to families in the United States. f low-income families 

have not yet filed their 2021 taxes, they can still claim the remaining six months

of the expanded tax credit. The deadline has been extended to October 17.

Despite the expiration of the previous program, several states are

now offering their own programs in an attempt to combat

inflation and ease the burden on low income families.

These are the states that offer benefits at the present time

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