You Might Be able to Get $450 Per Child From Your State Under the Child Tax Credit 2022?

You could be eligible for more money if you live in one of

These states sending additional child tax credit relief.

You may be eligible for more money if you live in one of these states that is sending additional child tax credit relief.

Around seven months ago, millions of American families stopped receiving their enhanced 

Monthly child tax credit payments. When the checks stopped, 3.7 million children fell below the poverty line, 

increasing from 12.1% to 17%. In the latter half of 2021, these payments helped provide financial relief to

Millions of parents affected by the pandemic. Several states are now planning to send families 

More money to reduce the impact of inflation and a possible recession this year.

A new Republican Senate proposal would send up to $350 per child and include a work requirement, 

But there is no plan to reinstate the child tax credit at the federal level. At the moment, 

States are responsible for deciding whether to provide assistance to families in need. 

One state is awaiting approval from the governor to enact a state child tax credit or offer a deduction for households with children. 

Check below to see if your state offers (or plans to offer) child tax credit relief. 

Find out if your state is sending gas rebate checks or stimulus money as inflation-relief checks or tax rebates.

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