New 'Rainy Day Fund' gives families up to $630 - find out when you can claim it

In 2023, working families in Pennsylvania will be able to claim up to $650 in state child tax credits.

Tom Wolf set aside $25 million for the Child and Dependent Care Enhancement Program, 

Which is modeled after the federal child tax credit. The governor's website indicates 

That families earning over $43,000 may qualify for $180 for one child or $360 for two or more children.

In households earning less than $43,000, families may be eligible for $315 for one child, or $630 for two or more children.

According to Governor Wolf, parents should never have to worry about the cost of providing

Their children with an educational, safe, supportive, and fun environment while they are at work.

Through the CTC, Rozendaal received an extra $1,050 for her four children.

Devastation after the CTC halt

“We have been able to keep up with gas prices and food prices with the extra money we have received,” Brad Rozendaal shared with WeAreIowa.

"I'll be honest, it's a little concerning. We have been trying to budget a little more.

I'd like to figure out which things we can either do away with or maybe downgrade like internet.

A ten-day supply of diapers can cost around $100.

The CTC halt leads to toilet training

Joi Lansdowne decided to potty train her two-year-old daughter after the CTC ended.

"That's a huge expense," says Lansdowne from Maryland.

It's important to get creative when you don't have the funds to cover these expenses."

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