TEN states provide tax credits, with different credits available in each state, along with different requirements for qualifying.

The following states offer credits to taxpayers: California, Idaho, Maryland, New Mexico, and New York.

Moreover, North Carolina provides a child deduction instead of a credit, while Michigan grants most children a $500 tax credit.

One-time credits of up to $250 per child and up to $750 per family can be claimed in Connecticut.

The American Rescue Plan helped reduce child poverty by 40 percent, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

In order to receive it, families must apply.

CTC is available to undocumented immigrants

The program previously did not accept undocumented parents with US citizen children,

But in 2021 it began accepting undocumented parents with US citizen children.

In July, families with parents having Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN), but not low-income families

or families with undocumented parents who have children with Social Security numbers, did not receive the first payment due to an "issue."

Our goal is to reach more families

David Newville, an executive with Code for America, explained to Yahoo Finance 

How tax benefits work. About 115,000 families were reached by the GetCTC tool in 2021.

In ten weeks last year, roughly $440 million of tax benefits was collected, which is an impressive amount of money over such a short period.

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