What to do if you didn't receive your child tax credit payment for 2021 or 2022

Enhanced federal child tax credits expired at the beginning of 2022, 

But families can still claim the additional cash if they didn't receive it last year.

Families received their last payment for 2021 on December 15.

First monthly advance child tax credits (CTC) payments were sent in July as part of the American Rescue Plan.

The additional $300 per month per child under the age of six amounted to $1,800 per family.

Children ages six to 17 received up to $250 per month per child for a total of $1,500.

In July and December, households that received advance CTC payments should have received half of their total tax credit.

The other half should have been claimed on tax returns filed in 2022.

There are a few things you can do if you are still waiting for money.

Check with the IRS

In order to check if you are eligible and/or enrolled, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) set up an online portal.

The link will lead you through a series of questions.

You will be asked if you claimed the child tax credit on your most recent return 

and whether you plan to claim it on your 2021 return.

CTC advance payments are not available if your answer is "no.".

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