You have until this week to claim your $750 direct payment from the $500million pot. Is it possible for you to qualify?

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have until Friday to apply for a $500million direct payment.

It's not too late for Minnesotans to apply for Frontline Worker Pay

A bonus for those who worked in frontline sectors during the Covid pandemic.

As part of the direct payments agreement, Governor Tim Walz signed into law a $750 bonus payment for eligible frontline workers.

The deadline to apply is July 22.

Governor Walz warns that payments could drop to $500 or less as over 900,000 applications have been received.

A tax relief package passed in Massachusetts includes direct payments of $250 to eligible single filers and $500 to eligible couples.

Other payments going out

The child and dependent care credit will also be increased from $180 to $310.

If you earned $38,000 or more in 2021, you are eligible for a $500 tax rebate.

In order to qualify, a single's income must not exceed $100,000 and a couple's income must not exceed $150,000.

The deadline for Connecticut parents to claim their child tax credit benefits is just a couple of weeks away.

Each eligible family can receive $250 per child, up to a maximum of three children.

Residents of Maine still have time to claim their tax rebates.

The maximum credit is 750 dollars.

Up to 200,000 rebate checks were issued by the state every week in June.

There are a few requirements to qualify for a rebate check. 

Individuals cannot earn more than $100,000, while heads of households and couples can earn up to $150,000 and $200,000.

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