CNN Plus is shutting down only a month after it launched

CNN Plus, the dedicated streaming service of the News network is stopped even before turning a month. 

Chris Licht, CNN's new CEO, delivered the news to his new team at a meeting of all hands on Thursday and the service will make the first April 30.

The Licht congratulated the CNN team plus in a memo to the staff announcing the closure and stated that the decision 

is not a reflection of the quality of the talent and content of CNN +, some of which migrate to CNN programming

Or some of the other networks of society. "The decision, he said, was a broader strategy. "In a complex streaming market, consumers want

A simplicity and an all-in-one service, which offers a better experience and more value than the autonomous offers.

Employees will be paid and will receive benefits for the next 90 days, he said and those who do not meet in other roles 

Of society will have at least six months of departure. Andrew Morse, the head of CNN Plus, leaves the company.

The network seemed to be condemned from the beginning. CNN has imagined the service as a new way of thinking about new cover

With new issues driven by personality and access to some of CNN's best original series. He had a somewhat confusing relationship with the parent network

CNN Plus has not offered streaming version of the linear channel and has tried to build a different and more personalized version of the press report. 

The company was also trying to determine how to provide new on-demand public content and make the new a more interactive process.

It has been largely reported that CNN has planned to spend about $ 1 billion on NNN over a few years and has already paid at least $ 100 million

(and up to $ 300 million) to the service. Given the size of the investment, the first subscriber numbers were quite dark

Axios indicated that approximately 150,000 people included in the service of $ 5.99 from the week, while the CNBC Reported that less than 10,000 people used it on a daily basis.

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