Edmonton's Oilers go to the Western Conference final but they don't do so without controversy

The controversial objective reversed helps EDMONTON OILERS to eliminate Calgary's flames in the Match five

At the end of the third period of the five games, it seemed that Calgary's flames had taken the

lead thanks to a redirection of skateboard Blake Coleman. The initial call on ice was a goal. The game was then revised and,

apparently, enough evidence was found to overthrow the goal. The oilers would continue to win the match in overtime.

Flames striker Mikael Backlund puts a shot on the net that finds his way in front of the goalkeeper Mike Smith and in the blue paint. 

While being checked from behind and in the middle of the fall, Coleman guides the washer on the red line with his skate. 

The officials returned after the exam and reversed their good objective of objective."I don't think I understand the rule,"

said Coleman after the match at Salim Nadim Valji de Tsn. "I was growing, just trying to keep my foot on the ice. 

I felt like I was in the battle. My understanding is that you can direct the washer, but you just can't kick. I didn't think I kicked it

The supremely important piece has mentioned more discussions with regard to the consistency of the league.

What you say? Is there really enough evidence to reverse it in your eyes? I think it is a personally wacky call

especially to know that you consider that the washer goes if it touches it or not.

I would be greedy if a capital season ended with something like that.

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