There is a plan to cancel student debt in the Education Department - if Biden gives the OK

In preparation for a mass loan forgiveness program, senior department officials are preparing the mechanics.

According to POLITICO, top Education Department officials have developed detailed plans to

forgive student loans for millions of Americans while President Joe Biden makes a final decision.

According to the documents, if the White House approves, the agency will manage and

Operate a possible massive debt cancellation program on an unprecedented scale in

The history of federal student loans. Officials at the Education Department, according to 

The documents, are prepared to automatically provide debt relief within several months 

to several million borrowers. According to the documents, other borrowers would 

Apply for relief by self-certifying on

All types of federal student loans, including Grad and Parent PLUS loans,

As well as federal loans owned by private entities, will be eligible for loan forgiveness under

the department's plan. As well as that, it suggests that borrowers who have ever received a Pell grant,

financial assistance for low-income families, may be eligible for additional loan forgiveness.

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