You may be eligible to receive $750 from your state as part of the Child Tax Credit 2022.

Additional child tax credit relief is available to residents of these states. 

There may be more money available to you. There are still millions of families 

in the US waiting to see if another child tax credit bill will be passed into law.

Parents received their last enhanced monthly child tax credit payment and 

a final check with their taxes in December. Children in poverty have increased from 

12.1% to 17% since the checks ended, putting 3.7 million below the poverty line.

As inflation rises and a possible recession looms, several states are planning to send families more money to reduce the impact.

The federal child tax credit is not expected to be reinstated at this time, but a new GOP Senate

Proposal includes a work requirement and would send $350 per child. For now, it's up to

the states to decide whether or not to provide financial assistance to families. 

The governors of 16 states have approved child tax credits or

deductions for families with children; only one state has not yet done so. 

Discover if your state is offering (or planning to offer) child tax credit relief, 

as well as the eligibility requirements. Find out if your state is sending gas rebate checks or stimulus money in the form of inflation-relief checks or tax rebates.

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