A huge battle took place today in the most recent live event in Fortnite 

which featured a gigantic mech, as well as some tips for what to expect next season.

If you have Faté the mountain mountain type experience, you can check what happened in the video above.

Before the event started properly, the players were transported to what seemed to be a frosted space station,

where they could kill time using huge cannons to eliminate a range of asteroids that surrounded the station while listening Characters like 

Agent Jones and the origin is bickering on a speaker. They then 

received a mission: to stop a powerful weapon that could eliminate any life on the island.

It turns out that the space station in fact housed a giant mech (the one that looks strangely familiar)

which made its way to the island to fight the invasive forces. The players did not control the mech itself

but rather took control of the turrets to destroy the tanks, the leaders and other armed forces.

The first stages of the event took place a lot like an eventful arcade game

although with beautiful cutscenes interspersed among the action

 as well as the occasional fast -time event to make things like healing the mixture or Take out a giant laser sword.

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