On Sunday, a bipartisan group of senators announced agreement on principle on gun safety legislation

that includes mental health resources, improves school safety, and ensures dangerous criminals and mentally ill people can't purchase guns.

There are 10 Republican senators on board with the proposal, which should be enough to overcome a filibuster in the Senate.

Given how divided lawmakers have been over the gun issue, the agreement is significant, but the text of the legislation 

Has yet to be drafted. As part of the proposal, state crisis intervention orders will be backed, school safety resources will be funded,

And straw purchases will face penalties. A crucial provision of the bill is the red flag provision, which calls for

The government to provide states and tribes with resources for developing and implementing laws that keep firearms

out of the hands of individuals who, according to a release, are significantly dangerous to themselves or others.

As part of the proposal, "major investments would be made to increase access to mental health

and suicide prevention programs." The proposal would also include "support services available in the community, 

including interventions for crisis and trauma. It would also provide resources "to expand mental health

And supportive services in schools, including early identification and intervention programs

And school-based mental health and wrap-around services.

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