Whether or not you need your own product to become a successful affiliate marketer is a question 

How can I make $100 a day online?

That has been asked and answered every few minutes since affiliate marketing took off. Everyone answers it differently

which is why it is asked so often. There are those who say you absolutely MUST have your own product to get started 

and to succeed in affiliate marketing, and there are others who claim you don’t need a product at all to succeed.

What do you think? Yes or no? Everyone is right. Having one's own product is good, but it's not absolutely necessary.

Those who have a product can build a website around it and include affiliate links. Those who do not have their own products

Can still create a successful website and be an affiliate marketer. Producers of products love affiliate marketers, and products aren't hard to find.

A common thing for both those who have their own product and those who don't have their own is that

They must both be passionate about the products they offer. Affiliate marketing is no different. Success requires drive

and ambition, and it is no different in affiliate marketing. To keep your drive and ambition alive

for the long haul, you must be passionate about a product or an idea.

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