House of Representatives and Senate inflation relief plans, 

House of Representatives and Senate inflation relief plans, 

including $225 in additional payments, are outlined below

Inflation relief plans from the House and Senate include an additional $225 payment

During this week's special session of the Indiana General Assembly, two competing 

Legislation to alleviate inflation is being debated. High gas prices and inflation are causing inflation 

Leaving Hoosiers with a variety of economic relief options to choose from.

Below is the status of the special session going into the final two weeks.

SB3 is passed during a rare Saturday session of the Senate

Several issues related to the abortion bill were discussed during a meeting of the Indiana Senate on Saturday 

This plan is intended to alleviate economic hardship. 

26-20 votes were cast in favor of the abortion bill. A third reading was 

held during which lawmakers spent a considerable amount of time 

An economic relief plan passed with a vote of 40-4 after about 30 minutes of discussion.

There are significant differences between the Senate version and 

the House version, which is more like the Senate version 

Governor Holcomb proposed it. As part of the Senate plan, direct payments are not included for Hoosiers. 

Utilities vendors would be exempt from paying sales tax for six billing cycles. 

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