With current IRS backlogs, creating a free federal tax filing system is not feasible

Several financial analysts are criticizing recent legislation introduced in the Senate by a group of Democrats, 

Not necessarily for its intentions, but for its timing. As part of an effort to resolve the current free tax filing system 

And simplify the process for millions of Americans, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) introduced the Tax Filing Simplification Act of 2022 on July 13.

The act will provide taxpayers with an online tax preparation service without third-party provider sharing, 

As well as a "return-free" filing option that calculates the refund or bill before filing, according to CNBC.

Warren stated in a press release upon introducing the bill that Americans spend 13 hours and $240 a year filing their taxes.

Nevertheless, CNBC reports that many tax experts object to placing additional stress on the IRS,

Which is already swamped with overdue, unprocessed and error-prone tax returns and lacking staff.

CNBC reported recently that most professional tax preparers support the idea of free tax filing,

But they are skeptical about the IRS's ability to manage a new project.

Kubey said, "I'd love to be proven wrong, but I fear an administrative nightmare.". 

Taxpayers should have access to easy and effective free filing options. 

The law imposes additional requirements on the IRS, which is already overburdened."

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