Win with style. Mexico will face that challenge in a CONCACAF Nations League match away in Jamaica.

In past encounters with the Mexican national team, the Reggae Boyz have typically outplayed the Mexicans.

The National Team won 3-0 against Suriname on Saturday, and although the score line was more than adequate,

the way in which the match unfolded was heavily criticized as fans at the Estadio Corona chanted "Fuera, Tata" 

(Tata Out) throughout the game. Mexico has struggled to generate meaningful attacking buildup and to score in

the box in the few friendlies it has played against Nigeria (2-1 win), Uruguay (3-0 loss) and Ecuador (0-0 draw).

Only El Tri's coach has been put under more pressure and the tension around the team has increased.

With the next opportunity to take the field coming on Aug. 31, a misstep in Kingston would only fuel the criticism in the months to come.

Luis Chavez scores two long-range shots in a row in the 86th minute. The slick conditions allow him to take advantage of Blake.

This is a good idea, but it needs to be executed better. Jamaica subs in the 82nd minute. With minutes remaining, Rolando Aarons takes over for Kevon Lambert.

In the 80th minute, Andre Blake again makes a huge stop. There has been a downpour in Kingston, 

but the Jamaica captain has been outstanding. He made that shot   despite the rain! It didn't work out.

Mexico subs in the 76th minute. Nene Beltran is replaced in midfield by Erick "Chiquito" Sanchez, who replaces Henry Martin at center forward.

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