Jensen Ackles announced that his co-star of the "supernatural" co-star, Jared Padalecki recovers after a recent car accident.

In images taken in a panel on April 24, the boys star, 41, told fans that the Walker actor, 39, would be unable to join him at parking

During the long weekend convention of Hit CW Show From East Brunswick, New Jersey, because it was "in a very bad car accident.

The news can confirm that Padalecki is recovery at home and go well. While the Ackles had not confirmed the date on which the car accident took place

The actor shared that Padalecki did not drive, he was at the time of the passenger at the time she is produced and fortunately "no fatality.

"He's lucky to be alive," said Ackles. And not only does that, but he is a house that goes back to 

The fact that he is not in a hospital right now that points to me because I'm noticed because I 'have seen the car.

Ackles shared that his close friend he played next to 15 seasons on the CW show recovered and sends his love in the middle of his trip to return to full health.

Although the ackles have noted, Padalecki certainly feels a little painful as a result.

This airbag packs a punch, Ackles explained, before adding that Padalecki told him that it looked like 12 turns with [Mike] 

Tyson following the incident. But it's fine. He moves, Ackles told the public. Keep it in your thoughts

Send it love if you have a chance on the social and it will be back with us soon.

The actor then added into jokingly: "He will be back in the process of spoiling MIC STANDS before we know. It will be great.

Jared Padalecki Recovering From Car Accident, Confirms Jensen Ackles

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