Conversations with a killer: The John Wayne Gacyne Bands Review - Tast the Chicago Serial Killer

Conversations with a killer: The John Wayne Gacy bands dropped on Netflix today and the documentary is sufficiently Macabre to send chills in the spine of the greatest crime of the most hardcore crime

When conversations with a killer: Ted Bundy bands dropped in 2019, which timed the crimes and history of Ted Bundy

Netflix received a very positive response from viewers, who encouraged the diffusion dissemination platform. At the adventure in the kind of real crime.

Now, three years later, the director Joe Berlinger is back with a follow-up with the John Waynegacy bands.

The documentary brings to the viewers a repository of nearly 60 hours of interviews recorded with mass murderer, John Gacy.

Serial killers have focused on public imagination as apparently normal social deviations but psychologically disrupted

Which are the manifestation of pure and unambiguous evil. Yet their conditions make room for them to show a certain

Degree of clemency that the judicial system thinks they deserve.The story of Gacy is not different from it. Marked by an abusive childhood

Gacy worked on the social ladder to become a reputable businessman, philanthropist, as well as a socialite. 

He led a busy life tending to his work, but under the behavior of a healthy person, happy and ambitious lay a man disturbed and perverted psychologically.

Gacy, over the years, assassina about 33 young boys and eliminated their bodies in and around his residence.

Conversations with a killer: The John Wayne Gacacy bands tries to determine the life and crimes of the Chicago clown killer

John Gacy, through the eyes of the people who knew him, were close to him and were affected by his wrongdoing.

The documentary presents interviews with Gacy's lawyer, his employees who faced him, the families of his victims, police officers who worked on the case of Gacy 

And many others. Compiled with archival clips of the time and crimes that were committed

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