No verdict was returned on Friday in the trial of Johnny Depp

No verdict yet in Depp-Heard trial; jury dismissed until Tuesday

Amber heard after judge Penney Azcarate rejected the jurors of the holiday weekend. 

The jury, which received the case on Friday afternoon

Will return Tuesday and must start the deliberations before 9 am. 

Closing arguments wrapped earlier in the day after six weeks of testimonies.

Depp, 58, continues heard, 36 years, for $ 50 million compared to an editorial that she wrote in the Washington Post 

in 2018 in which she qualified herself as a public figure representing domestic violence. 

(Depp denied all allegations of mistreatment.) 

Heard Depp against $ 100 million after actor Adamman's lawyer qualified his hoax accusations.

The jury, made up of seven people, must make a unanimous decision for a verdict.

They will decide the request for Depp and Heard's reconvention request at the same time.

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