The prince of crime clown returns for another solo film. The writer and director Joker, Todd Phillips

Published a photo on Instagram with a script cover confirming that he is currently working on Joker 2

Or as the script calls him joker: madness at Deu. With the Phillips script photo, he also included a photo

Of the Joker himself, Joaquin Phoenix reading the script. This apparently confirms that Phoenix will be back to resume

His role in the continuation of the film 2019. Scott Silver, the co-series of Phillips, is also returned

For the continuation of Phillips, whose credit appears on the script of the suite.

Another stranger for Joker 2 is exactly what the intrigue could be. The title of joker of the script: 

madness to Deunt is a psychological term which refers to a mental disorder affecting two or more people, generally in the same family. 

On the basis of the intrigue of the first film, and that Thomas Wayne could be Joker's true father, it is quite possible

That this film can present Batman and connect it to the Joker with the idea of ​​madness to Deu

Suggesting A link that is even more than family. Of course, to know with certainty what the film will talk about

We will have to wait a little more information.

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