Kaalan Walker Known For 'SuperFly' Convicted Of Serial Rape: Report

Kaalan Walker, who appeared in the 2018 film 'SuperFly,' has been convicted of raping multiple women and teens by a Los Angeles County jury.

Kaalan Rashad Walker, who appeared in the 2018 film SuperFly, has been convicted of raping multiple women and teens.

A Los Angeles County jury found the rapper-actor guilty of the charges on Monday. 

He was also acquitted of additional three charges, that include forcible rape, as per several media reports. 

The rapper-actor is now facing a maximum sentence of 100 years to life in prison.

As per a recent report by NBCDFW, Kaalan Walker has been convicted of charges relating to four women and three teenage girls. However

The rapper was originally facing over a dozen such cases, which involved more than 10 reported victims.

Details about Kaalan Walker’s court trialAs per the news outlet, the trial began in March 2022 Deputy

District Attorney Yasmin Fardghassemi told the jury of Van Nuys, California, that the case involved multiple women who did not know each other.

However, the only thing that united them all was “the defendant Kaalan Walker.” She further presented the detailed allegations made by 10 women and teens. 

The allegations, which were made by a teenager and two women, were “strikingly similar.

Fardghassemi further mentioned that Walker used his social media handles, including Instagram and Twitter

To lure his reported victims to different locations That he had chosen by asking them for fake photos or music video shoots. 

He also allegedly made false promises of introducing some women and girls to someone famous.

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