What states still give checks as part of the stimulus program in 2022?

Providing support to the population helps the country's economy cope with the increasing inflation rate

Even though the federal government has stopped issuing stimulus checks

To households in response to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, some states are

About to issue a fourth check to mitigate the effects of inflation caused by 

An increase in oil prices and a war that rages elsewhere

Only some are eligible

A total of 87 million residents may benefit from these payments, although not everyone may qualify.

This is primarily a measure to prevent inflation from worsening by putting 

more money into a market where supply is already less than demand during the pandemic.

Inflation rose by 7.9% in February alone, leading to a 40-year high in consumer prices. Five states have already voted

Who is eligible?

in favor of sending a new stimulus check against inflation: Idaho, Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey, and New Mexico.

Different types of stimulus

The proposal is currently being considered in California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, and New York.

Idaho Governor Brad Little signed a bill last month providing residents with $350 million in tax refunds.

Those who filed their 2021 and 2022 tax returns in Georgia will receive refunds ranging 

from $250 for single filers to $500 for joint filers. The Indiana Department of 

Taxation is offering a one-time refund of $125 to taxpayers who file their tax return compliantly.

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