About 1,000 people came to see Isaac and Nora a recent Saturday evening at the Cantoral Sala in Mexico City. 

The public was fascinated throughout the concert, especially when Nora spoke to them in Spanish.

She told the public: "This is the first time I sing and I have played alone. I am going to sing a song by Violeta Parra called

Volver a los 17 and it's a bit strange, I sing a song To be 17 since I "M only 10 years.

It was not always that way. The father of Isaac and Nora, Nicolas Restoin, said that he still remembers

when they published the video of the song Veinte AƱos on YouTube, at the end of June 2019.

I think it's a very important date in Our lives because everything has changed. It has changed the way we play music.

Isaac and Nora and their parents are from Quimper, a small town in Brittany, in the northwest of France.

Nora sings voices and plays the ukulele, while Isaac plays the trumpet and provides background voices.

Their father plays the guitar and directs the group. All have learned Spanish in the past two years.

Restoin frequented a music school in France, but said he wanted a different experience for his children.

Isaac and Nora do not know how to read music, they do not know musical theory, they do everything in their ear.

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