You Shouldn't Lose Faith in Social Security

Social Security is losing its appeal to an increasing number of Americans. According to a 2021 

Nationwide survey, 71% of respondents believe that Social Security will run out during their lifetimes.

A whopping 83% of Generation X survey participants fell into this category. The situation is even bleaker 

For nearly half of the millennials, as 47% believe they won't receive any Social Security benefits.

Security is on the verge of disappearing. However, Social Security is a self-sustaining system

that will not disappear anytime soon. Here's how Social Security really works, 

along with some of the news headlines that may be instilling these fears. 

Social Security Trust Fund Insolvency: What Does It Mean?

A kernel of truth often lies behind irrational fears, and worries about Social Security disappearing

are no different. Each year, the Social Security Board of Trustees publishes a report on

the status of the program, and recent updates have been alarming. The Old Age Survivors 

Insurance Trust Fund will run out in 2033, according to the Social Security Trustees Report for 2021.

That statement could lead many people to believe that Social Security will disappear by 2033, if not sooner.

That's just not going to happen with Social Security's current operating model. 

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