The lottery winner picked up TWO huge jackpots in four months but was shocked by the numbers he used

A veteran lotto player won two huge jackpots in just four months, and the winning numbers surprised him.

He was shocked when he won $50,000 with a quick pick line of numbers for the second time.

Unnamed winner bought winning Bonus Match 5 ticket at Oceans Market in Ocean City on Monday.

Two lines of numbers appeared on the ticket: one for his go-to combination and one for a quick pick.

A Maryland Lottery player told officials, "I've been playing these numbers for years.

Adding to a previous jackpot, the seasoned player was surprised to win another $50,000 from the random quick pick.

"It was my turn to hit," he said. Just a few months ago, in March, the anonymous winner won his first prize.

In an interview with officials, he explained that he used his first jackpot to fund his retirement and help his adult children.

Bills will be paid with his latest winnings. It follows another player's last-minute hunch that paid off big.

While leaving a store in North Carolina, a man from Virginia felt the urge to buy a lottery ticket.

When Barry Bruce was about to leave the Jones Exxon store in Stanley, he changed his mind.

"I was about to walk out," the Danville, Virginia man said to the North Carolina Education Lottery.

It just occurred to me to go back and buy the ticket." He turned around and bought a $25 ticket to Spectacular Riches.

As a result of his hunch, he won a $100,000 jackpot. Bruce thought he had won $100 at first.

"I just thought, 'Wow.'"

In order to collect his prize money, he visited the North Carolina lottery headquarters on Monday.

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