You're not alone if you're considering moving after retirement to somewhere cheaper. 

Many Americans don't have enough retirement savings to afford living costs in their home states. 

Savings and retirement plans were also affected by the pandemic. When you move to a more cost-effective area in retirement,

You can stretch your funds more, alleviating some of the financial uncertainty that you may encounter.

A study conducted by GOBankingRates found the top 10 states where you can live out your golden years 

For less than $45,000 annually by looking at factors like groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, 

Healthcare, and the overall cost of living index in each state. To compute the final ranking of the top 10 states,

These indices were multiplied by the average annual expenditures of older Americans.

In this article, the figures are based on the number of households. In the most recent Census, 2.5 people were estimated per household.

10. Indiana
Annual expenditures: $43,107

9. West Virginia
Annual expenditures: $43,059

8. Iowa
Annual expenditures: $42,774

7. Missouri
Annual expenditures: $42,726

6. Tennessee
Annual expenditures: $42,345

5. Georgia
Annual expenditures: $42,250

4. Oklahoma
Annual expenditures: $41,822

3. Alabama
Annual expenditures: $41,822

2. Kansas
Annual expenditures: $41,156

1. Mississippi
Annual expenditures: $39,633

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