An American member denied having called for a "insurrection" in Washington as part of a lawsuit contesting his right to appear in re-election.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is judged under a law of the era of the civil war that prevents officials from keeping his duties if they violate their oath to protect the United States.

The Republican of Georgia, a convenient ally of Donald Trump, is one of the most right members of the party in the Congress.

Democrats say she has played a key role in the riot of the 19 January American Capitol. Friday, Ms. Greene, 47

Has become the first legislative legislation to testify under oath about his presumed role in the attack in 2021, while the Congress met to cement Joe Biden's electoral victory against Mr. Trump.

She told the Georgia courtroom that she "had" no knowledge of an attempt to "interfere with the counting of the Congress illegally that day.

She also repeated false claims that Mr. Trump won the elections. The case focuses on a provision of the 14th amendment to the US Constitution 

The "insurgency disqualification clause What prohibits representatives from seeking his duties again if they "have engaged in 

The insurrection or rebellion against the same, or their help or comfort to his enemies.

Democrats can seek to use the same argument to prevent Mr. Trump from running if he tried to throw his hat in the presidential election of 2024.

In a file before the trial, Ms. Greene's lawyers stated that she "nie vigorously she helped and exercised an insurrection to hinder 

The peaceful transfer of presidential powerIn court, Ms. Greene said, "I do not support the violence of any kind

And I denied having called to violence in his publications on social networks and his appearances on the media.Prosecutors allege to 

Have made call-coded calls on public platforms.Prosecutors allege to have made call-coded calls on public platforms.

For example, on January 5, one day before the riot, Ms. Greene said in an interview: "It's our moment of 1776

in what the lawyers said to be a reference to the year that the States- United States declared the independence of Great Britain, triggering a war.

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