Find out if you qualify for $250 checks thanks to a $4.6billion relief bill

As part of a relief bill, the Massachusetts State Senate has approved distributing $250 rebate checks to residents.

A $4.6billion economic package approved by the Senate would send the money out before the end of the year.

Before the package can be sent to Governor Charlie Baker for final approval, the House of 

Representatives must approve the bill before July 31. Taxpayers who earn between $38,000 

and $100,000 would qualify for $250 rebate checks under the proposed plan.

$500 would be awarded to married couples earning up to $150,000.

The relief package also increased some tax credits and deductions to provide more aid to Bay State residents.

In addition, the state's maximum child tax credit may be raised from $180 to $310, and the cap on eligible children may be removed.

Currently, Massachusetts offers a 30% earned income tax credit, but this bill proposes raising it to 40%.

A number of other planks of the relief proposal would allow renters and seniors to deduct more from their taxes.

Although many of his proposals were more aggressive than what the state senate enacted, 

Governor Baker has previously championed tax relief for Massachusetts residents.

Governor Baker is expected to sign the relief measures into law if the bill reaches his desk.

If the bill is not approved, Massachusetts residents might not have relief until early next year if the legislature is not in session after July 31.

Payments offered by other states

Mount Vernon, New York, will send $500 monthly payments to 200 residents as part of a partnership 

With Mayors for a Guaranteed Income. Through August 5, the application will be available online.

Participants in the universal basic income pilot program will be randomly selected after the application window closes.

Pre-loaded debit cards will be used to pay participants, so a bank account is not required.

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